Can A Shot A Day Keep Bad Skin At Bay? Win And Find Out!

I love a product that can make my life easier and LQ Advanced Skin Care Supplements fit into that category nicely.
I'm one of those people who hates taking pills. Anything bigger then a hayfever tablet and you'll find me awkwardly trying to break it into smaller pieces and cringing each time I swallow. A double shot however I can do in a heartbeat lol.

These handy shots by LQ contain 14 key active ingredients to keep your skin healthy including:

  • Marine Collagen - 5,000mg of high quality hydrolised Peptan collagen which has high bioavailability. Collagen is the most abundant, naturally occurring protein in the human body.
  • Aloe Vera - 52mg - helps to maintain healthy skin and the epithelial layer.
  • Zinc - 1.5mg - contributes to the maintainance of normal skin.
  • Biotin - 7.7mg - contributes to the maintaince of normal skin.
  • Selenium - 8.2mg - contributes to the protection of skin cells.
  • Vitamin A - 122mg - contributes to the maintainance of normal skin.
  • Vitamin C - 40mg - contrbutes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin.

They impressively have many 4 to 5 star reviews on both Amazon and Boots so I was keen to give them a go myself. My skin is usually quite well behaved unless I'm stressed. If I'm stressed it all goes to crap to say the least, but usually it's not too bad. My main issue is being oily, especially in the summer and I also suffer from surprise clusters of white heads around my chin, cheeks and between my brows.

I took a shot a day for 2 weeks and these are my results...

Firstly the taste really isn't that bad! I saw a few reviews on the boots website complaining about the taste but its completely bare able. I've tried the LQ Hair supplements before and can assure you those taste far worse. It's like a cheap, sugar free, vitamin boosted orange juice. Be sure to shake it well before drinking though or it can have a few chunky bits in it.

I love the packaging as they are easy to throw in my handbag. At the start I kept a few in there just in case I forget to take one before I left in the morning. They took up so little space that I switched to having a constant handbag supply instead.

Spots wise I didn't see too much of a difference to be honest. This could be because I only waited two weeks for results though. However when it comes to my oily skin I did actually see a difference! I wasn't as oily at the end of my trial as I was at the beginning, which is great considering London is currently experiencing a heatwave and my skin is in peak oil producing mode.

Overall my skin looked a tad fresher and less shiny. I'm quite happy with that considering I kept my trial period short and I'm definitely keen to keep going with them to see if I notice any lasting improvements to my skin. It would be amazing if they could tackle my issue with random clusters of whiteheads popping up, but only time will tell if they can.

I'd love to give one of you the chance to experience this product for yourself so I'm giving away a 1 months supply (3 boxes) to one lucky reader! This competition is open to UK residents only (sorry international readers, I'll do a giveaway for you soon) and entries are open until 31.07.17. To enter please use the entry form below.


If you've ever tried this product let me know your thoughts below!

Until next time, J xx


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