Oh Hello ASOS x MTV

I was casually checking my email on the way to work this morning and saw that an ASOS x MTV collection has been released and I'm kinda feeling it! Kinda because it's 50 50 really. Some pieces I could do without ever seeing again and some need to get in my wardrobe right now.

Turns out the collection was released earlier this week (seriously where was I?) but pieces are still available in multiple sizes so here's my top picks:

Shorts £20 http://bit.ly/2tg4bys
Shirt £35 http://bit.ly/2rWDb2Z

OK I know this is a menswear set but all you have to do is put it on a female body and bam! Instant womenswear. I am in love with the pink leopard print. It's giving me serious Flintstones vibes in all the right ways and I can see myself tying the shirt up into a crop top and pulling the shorts up to a high waist for some serious saved by the bell vibes.

Jumper £26 http://bit.ly/2rWQwbt

Menswear again I know but let's get over gender clothing boundaries OK because guys stuff is always so much comfier. This with black leggings, bold coloured trainers and blacked out sunnies is so 'I'm on my way to/from the sickest new fitness class in town' chic. Or even just the perfect running errands outfit. Either way I love it.

Pyjama Set £20 http://bit.ly/2rWE5fT

I'm including these because pyjamas are life but to be completely honest I'm sure I've seen something exactly like this in the Primark pyjama section before. I'd recommend you check Primarni before dropping £20 on this set.

Long Sleeve Top £26 http://bit.ly/2tg1Pjd

Another perfect casual day top. It gives me such skater vibes and I personally love that look right now. I'd wear this with dark ripped jeans, slightly rolled up or cropped at the bottom and fresh vans.

Windbreaker £50 http://bit.ly/2tfJ1jT

Is she not the cutest model of all time?! I want to be her, space buns and all. This windbreaker is the stuff of 80's MTV dreams. I love how they've styled her in the rest of the pictures on the ASOS site too. Simple black denim shorts, windbreaker sleeves rolled up and a few brightly coloured bracelets on each wrist.

Oversized Jumper £35 http://bit.ly/2tfvrNw

I am such a sucker for an oversized jumper. I love them as much as I love a good pyjama set and that is a big deal coming from me. The light grey colour and white and green logo are perfect choices for this piece and its long enough to wear as a jumper dress glammed up with boots too.


I am going to have to block the ASOS website for a while as I simply cannot afford for them to be releasing such fun fashion nostalgia. Maybe there was a reason I didn't know about this collection beforehand, I think the universe was attempting to save my bank balance. Although to be fair the prices really are not too bad.

Let me know your favourite piece in a comment below. You can view the rest of the collection here.

Until next time, J xx

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