Songs That Made My Summer 2017

Summer 2017 has been another mad one. Every time I think my life has calmed down I can almost hear it saying 'hold my drink' as it prepares to out do itself again. Luckily for me though there has been an abundance of great music in my life to keep me sane and help me dance my troubles away. This post is a collection of my favourite tracks from this summer. From house bangers (obviously this is me we're talking about) to ballads that pull on your heart strings, you're guaranteed to find at least one song you love. 

Seriously though, It just wouldn't be summer without music everywhere. I can't be the only one who feels like they could lose it at any second when they can't play their favourite songs? Broken headphones or not being able to bring my music with me when I'm in the garden or bathroom is one of the easiest ways to put a downer on my day. I currently have my eye on some Wireless Speakers by Panasonic, particularly the SC-ALL05 model. They feature a 9 hour battery life and are waterproof, which for a klutz like me is extremely appealing. I'm far too close to breaking my iPhone by steaming it up in the bathroom so waterproof wireless speakers are definitely the way to go. You can check out the whole range here.
Let's start off with club bangers, because starting off with heartbreak songs is just too somber for this blog. I will at least fill you with banging club beats before I remind you of your stupid ex because I'm nice like that :)


Exactly as the title says, these are the pre drinks songs. Fun enough to get you buzzing but not too hype because there's nothing worse then getting to the club and realizing your pre drinks playlist is better then the DJ. I've given them a chance to excel by going for slightly calmer classics instead. These are quite vocal selections too, making them the perfect backing tracks to your pre night out snapchat vids. Special shout out to Remedy by Disciples which is one of my all time favs and Turn Back Time by Kokiri because it's such a future classic. I expect my future children to play it to me one day like they've discovered something new and for me to enjoy telling them they have no idea what good music is these days.

Switch (Vertue Remix) - Iggy Azalea

They Don't Know - Solo Suspex

One Thing (Nora en Pure Radio Mix) - Me & My Toothbrush

Bedroom (TIEKS Remix) - Mabel

Patrick Swayze - DJ FLICT

Remedy (Extended Mix) - Disciples

Turn Back Time (Retrospect) - Kokiri


Or in your bedroom whilst you clean, the dancefloor is wherever you make it guys!

There's no better stress relief then dancing your troubles away. A sick beat can literally change your entire mindset and this section will leave you feeling fun, upbeat and probably a few hundred calories lighter from all that dancing.

I've also added one of my favourite Pitbull Remixes at the end because is it even a party if a Pitbull song doesn't play whilst everyone shouts Mr 305 and DALE at the complete wrong times in the song?! I think not.

Impossible (Jax Jones Remix) - Lion Babe

You & Me - Ryan Blyth

Just For One Night (ft. Astrid S) - Blonde

Breathe (TCTS Remix) - Astrid S

More & More (ft. Karen Harding) - Tom Zanetti

What's Going On? - Denney

2 Up In The Morning - Croatia Squad + Me & My Toothbrush

Together - The Magician

Attention (Bingo Players Remix) - Charlie Puth

Uber - Litek

Like This (ft. Mimz) - Dispose

In The Morning (GotSome Remix) - Jaded

Options (James Hype Remix) - Pitbull

These are the songs I go to when I'm lying in bed a hanging mess and need some music playing to remind me I'm alive. Chill but fun vibes, calm enough to sooth my throbbing head but fun enough to keep me awake.

Special shout out to Make You Mine by NVOY which is one of my absolute favourite songs this year. If you have a moment be sure to check out NVOYs other tracks. They are such a gem and I'm yet to find a song of theirs I don't like.

Hold On (Sonny Fodera Remix) - Fabich

Addicted To Your Love (Le Boeuf Remix) - Million Dollar Weekends

Lost In Your Light (ft. Miguel) - Dua Lipa

Boys - Charli XCX

Tied Up - The Magician

Make You Mine - NVOY

Joy In Me - Varcity

Nights With You (Cheat Codes Remix) - MO

No Promises (ft. Demi Lovato, Eden Prince Remix) - Cheat Codes

Remember I Told You - Nick Jonas

Words - Jasmine Thompson

What You Wanna - Maestro


This is the part where I accidentally remind you of your ex, sorry. If you're going through a breakup or are currently knees deep in a complicated love situation I would definitely avoid this section. Actually skip to the last song, it's Ed Sheeran covering Britney Spears Baby One More Time. It's an absolute acoustic delight for any Britney fan and only in this section because it fits the acoustic theme. Enjoy!

Wanna Know Love (Piano Version) - Jasmine Thompson

Only You (Orchestral Version) - Zara Larsson

Faking It (ft Kehlani & Lil Yachty) - Calvin Harris

Mercy (Acoustic Guitar) - Shawn Mendes

Think Before I Talk - Astrid S

Dive - Ed Sheeran

Baby One More Time (Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC) - Ed Sheeran


These are the sassy ones. The ones you go to when you need that particular vibe. Perfect for hyping up your ego before you cause a scene, walk past an ex or shine bright in front of your haters.
This summer Demi Lovato served middle fingers to your ex realness, Dua Lipa taught me some New Rules and DJ Khalid had me thinking Wild Thoughts.

Taylor Swift divided opinion with Look What You Made Me Do. Is she being petty with these call outs? Is it all a bit dramatic? Personally I don't care because I am LIVING for this song! Yeah it's not the most original and it's pretty repetitive, but it's also the ultimate revenge anthem. It appeals to my vengeful little heart far more then I should ever admit and for that reason I love it.

Sorry Not Sorry - Demi Lovato

New Rules - Dua Lipa

Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift

Wild Thoughts - DJ Khaled

You're perfect, you're beautiful, you look like Linda Evangelistaaa!

First off if you're not obsessed with RuPauls Drag Race you need to be. As dramatic as this sounds I really do credit the show for helping me through a really down phase and bringing me joy and laughter when I needed it most. Honestly Drag Race has been there for me more then some of my supposed friends lol. The shade of it all! But it's also very true.

These songs came to me through the show and have been regulars on my Spotify playlist ever since. From Adam Josephs amazing remix of Aja's aggressive complimenting of Valentina in season 9, to a Kylie Minogue throw back, this category is one of my favourites. If you just read category isss in the style of RuPaul before the runway looks begin I LOVE you.

The Realness (ft. Eric Kupper) - Rupaul

Linda Evangelista (ft. Aja) - Adam Joseph

I Was Gonna Cancel - Kylie Minogue

Read U Wrote U (ft. Drag Race All Stars 2 Cast) - RuPaul


ALY AND AJ CAME BACK!!! And they're giving me serious Haim vibes which I'm totally fine with. We need an Aly & AJ x Haim collab. Can you actually imagine? Then whatever magical song they create needs a house remix and then my life will be complete.

Haim also returned this year with even more goodness and the eternally underrated next in line (cas Britney is queen obvs) princess of pop Carly Rae Jepson also dropped Cut To the Feeling.

Want You Back - Haim

Take Me - Aly & AJ

Cut To The Feeling - Carly Rae Jepsen

Make sure you let me know what your favourite songs of the summer were!

Until next time, J xx


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