5 Of The Best Advent Calendars Of 2017

Yes I know it's September and believe me I totally agree that it's far too early to be mentioning Christmas (we haven't even had Halloween yet!) but let me explain myself. 

For some reason this week all I've been seeing is advent calendars. It all started with the Zoella's Winter Wonderland, the launch event for her new Christmas range. I kept seeing posts of bloggers talking about the new range and visiting the adorable looking launch event. Then I stumbled across a debate about the price of her new advent calendar, a 12 day calendar retailing for £50. Surely this calendar is full of amazing things?! I thought, but it turns out the contents are pretty basic... tragic. 

I don't mean to sound like a hater but I couldn't resist dropping a Kim K tragic reference in there lol. It cannot be denied though no matter how you look at it, that calendar is not worth the price. But it got me thinking, how much are calendars these days? Is £50 for a 12 day calendar with underwhelming contents normal? So for the next few days I opened every single article that mentioned advent calendars. Turns out this is national post about calendars week because the amount I read is ridiculous.

These are 5 of my favourites. From a Disney bath and body calendar currently selling for just £6, to a calendar filled with wine! As always there's a little something for everyone. Let me know your favourite with a comment below :)


This is the calendar that inspired me to write and post this so early. It's currently on half price sale for just £6 and I wanted to give you the chance to take advantage.

This adorable Beauty And The Beast themed Disney calendar is filled with bath and body products that you'd actually use. Contents include lip balms, nail files, body lotion, hand cream and more, plus it's all adorably pink af. Even at £12 this set is such a bargain and perfect for the Disney lover in your family, or just to treat yourself with. Available here.


For 1p cheaper then Zoella's 12 Days Of Christmas calendar you can grab yourself 24 mini bottles of wine. TWENTY FRIKIN FOUR!

It contains red, white, rose and sparkling wines meaning this calendar is a wine lovers dream. Personally I want one for every month of the year and have already marked the launch date in my diary. They'll be going for £49.99 each and launch in Aldi stores on the 1st of November.


This one seems to have just gone out of stock but considering it's only September I'm hopeful they will do a restock before Xmas. 

The ASOS Beauty Advent Calender looks legitttt. Filled with high end brands that we all know, love and actually use. Smashbox, Nyx, Rodial and St Tropez are just a few of the brands you'll find inside an there is even a men's version too. Each selling for £55, these are well worth the money. Available here.


I am a self confessed Yankee Candle addict and I have no intention of stopping now. So it's only natural that I'm gonna mention this years Yankee Advent calendars.

I LOVE these! Such a great way to sample a variety of their scents and their Christmas scents are some of their bests. These are the two I have my eye on this year. Honestly I cant wait to fill my house with Christmas scents, it's one of my favourite things about the festive season. These are currently retailing for £34.99 and £24.99. Available here.


Because who doesn't love a bit of The Body Shop?! When you buy a calendar from a brand you love you know you'll end up using the majority of whats in there, that's the feeling these calendars give me. There is a high chance I will genuinely love every single thing and that makes them all so much more exciting.

They've released three big ones this year, all at different price points depending on the level of products you want inside. The £99 option is clearly the luxury option whilst the £45 is more starter level. I don't want to say basic because it's far from, I'd be as overjoyed to receive any of the three to be honest. Available here.

Let me know which one is your favourite! I'm 100% set on the wine one and will most likely crack and grab a Body Shop one too. The Yankee one is also calling my name but I've been buying Yankees for too often recently, I think it's best to put myself on a ban for a while. Hopefully I win the lottery and can just buy them all.

Until next time, J xx

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