Brazilian Blowdry Update & FAQ

Hi all! I thought I'd do a quick blog post to answer some questions I'm frequently asked regarding my Brazilian blow dry treatment. I posted my original Brazilian blow dry video a few years back and it's been massively popular since then. 320,000 views and counting say whattt?! Big thank you to everyone who's watched!

I'm constantly asked to do an updated version of this video, one day I will, but at the moment I'm having too much fun making other types of videos. So for now I've created this blog post so any of you who have questions about the treatment can find your answers here :)

I will happily answer more questions about the treatment. Just leave a question in a comments below and I'll get back to you and add it on to the below FAQ's for future reference.


Do you still use brazilian blowdry treatments?

Yes I do! It really helps me keep my hair tame and manageable and I don't see myself stopping any time soon.

Where do you buy the treatment from?! The original supplier is no longer available.

Recently I have been using Uncurly as they now ship to the UK. You can find them at

Alternatively a subscriber found a very similar looking alternative to the original formula I used (Keratin Kits) on amazon. Personally I've not tried it yet so can't give a review but you can check it out here. It's by a brand called Brazilian Straight and has great reviews so far which is always a good sign. Thank you Ash for the tip! :)

Is Uncurly as good as the original treatment you used by Keratin Kits?

Honestly I see no difference. For me it did just as good of  a job BUT it is worth mentioning that the Uncurly formula contains Formaldehyde. The original formula I used from Keratin Kits (which is no longer available) did not contain Formaldehyde.

When applying Uncurly I found the formula more chemically, for lack of a better real word. During application it stung my eyes more then the Keratin Kits formula did but this was easy to avoid by making sure the room I was in was well ventilated. I also had a fan blowing the smell away from my face as another way of increasing ventilation.

Do you feel like the Formaldehyde made a difference?

Honestly my hair came out the same so personally no. It is worth doing your own research though and making your own decision on whether you want to use products containing this ingredient as it has had some quite controversial press in the past. Uncurly have a FAQ page which provides some more information about it here.

Can I just say though in regards to all products, please do your own research and make your own informed decision when deciding which products are right for you. As much as I love to recommend products that work for me and other bloggers also love to do the same, it's always worth doing your own research too and checking a few different peoples experiences. There is no such thing as being over informed.

Do you feel like the Brazilian Blowdry treatment damages your hair?

Personally no I don't. I feel like it helps my hair in the long run as when I don't have the treatment on my hair is more easily damaged and much harder to maintain. I've been using it for more years then I can remember now, if it was doing that much damage I think I'd have realised by now.

How long does the treatment last?

For me it lasts around 4 months. This will vary for each person depending on their hair and what aftercare products (shampoo conditioner etc) they use.

Do your curls come back after the treatment has worn off?

Yes they do! This year, after years of back to back treatments, I decided to let the treatment fully wear off so I could see if my natural curls would return. I will admit I was skeptical as I've been doing the treatment for so long, but to my surprise all my curls were there looking nice and healthy after not using the treatment for 7 months. Usually the treatment lasts me 4-5 months so it would have 100% worn off after 7 months. Below is a picture of my curls after letting the treatment wear off.

Comment any more questions you have down below and they will be answered and added to this post!

Until next time, J xx


  1. Your photo above is lovely with beach curls. I want to get rid of the frizz but not all my curl. Your original video is to blow dry after each wash, yet your hair did not show frizz if you didn't blow dry, correct? How did you get the beach curls? With the 2 products you've used, how long in between treatments?

    1. Hi Susan,

      Thank you! Beach curls is my go to look. I use the Bombay Hair 5 in 1 curler for all my waves. I usually go for the biggest barrel but when my hair is longer and the waves fall out quicker I go for the medium size. It's available here

      Personally I dont feel like the brazilian treatment gets rid of my curl. After extended use (I must not be far from 10 years of using this by now) I will admit my curl softened. However this year I've only done the treatment once, in January or February if I remember correctly. In July whilst on holiday I actually left my hair to see what the curl was like and there my kiss curls were in all their glory! I have a little video clip on my phone, I'll get some screenshots and add them to this post when I can :) So based on my own personal experience I believe this product de frizzes more then it de curls and for me it does fade off if you don't re do it. But to be absolutely sure I'd recommend doing a test area to see how it reacts to you and your hair.

      You dont need to blowdry after every wash once the treatment is complete. I used to but sometimes I don't now, I prefer to style my hair after it naturally dries, usually I'll let it dry out overnight in a bun or ponytail or something then style in the morning. Even when I dont blowdry I see a significant difference in the amount of frizz though.

      I usually brazilian blowdry every 4 months, but as mentioned earlier I haven't done it in a while. This is purely because I'm being lazy and cant be bothered LOL but I do need to do it soon. I miss my favourite perk which is that my hair does not react to humidity much when I've done the treatment. Currently my hair is back to soaking up every tiny bit of moisture it can get its hands on and expanding at a crazy rate.

      Let me know if I didn't answer anything xx


  2. How long does this treatment last?

  3. Hi Jaydee,
    I would just like to ask you what leave-in conditioner you use now? I can't seem to find the Argania one or the Dove ones that you mention in your video very easily!
    A x

    1. Hey Anola, I really wish I had an answer for you but I'm currently struggling to find one :( The dove ones are so hard to find now, although occasionally you can buy packs of three bottles off of Amazon. At the moment I'm just using water in a spray bottle (that's really what its come to) and on the look out for a new leave in conditioner spray I like. When I find one I will most likely blog about it or add a picture to my insta @jaymfs so keep an eye out :) xxx

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  6. What temperature do you set your flat iron to while you're doing the Brazilian Blowdry vs normally?

    1. I use an American straightener that I set to the highest heat of 450. That's 230 on UK straighteners. I only do this because I have mixed race hair though, I definitely wouldn't go this hot if I had caucasian hair as it doesn't need it. To be completely honest I should probably turn mine down a bit though lol I probably don't need it that high x

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