Gram Goals Brunch at Palm Vaults

Palm Vaults is hands down the prettiest place on Mare Street. It's millennial pink accented interior and sparkling glass sign have been catching my eye for the past year, so when a friend suggested we brunch there I jumped at the chance. Plus I've been eyeing up their merch and wanted to see if I actually liked the food before I started repping them in my wardrobe.

Long story short, Palm Vaults is goals. Pure goals. Even the queue was goals and moved much faster then we expected. Honestly the only slightly negative thing I have to say is that the food did take a little while to arrive for what it is, but these instagramable plates don't make themselves! So the wait time is totally excusable. Plus you'll be far too distracted by your adorable drink and the fact that you've stepped into pink homeware heaven to even care where your food is. Seriously if anyone knows where I can buy the gorgeous pink glasses from you have to let me know!

Before we arrived I had no idea that all the food is vegetarian. I genuinely thought it was just a cute little coffee shop but it's actually a vegetarian (if not mostly vegan) menu. Please correct me if I'm wrong as I can't find a menu online to double check, but even when I ordered a cup of tea I don't recall being offered cows milk. Instead the options were soy, almond and possibly coconut.

The attention to detail is amazing and you can tell that Palm Vaults is the owners dream come true. They've really thought of everything. From beautiful pink glassware to golden spoons to eat my immaculately presented smoothie bowl with. The hanging plants covered ceiling, the beautiful 'laptop free zone on the weekends' sign, the perfectly branded takeaway coffee cups and the pink receipts, everything has been chosen with love. Even the staff are lovely!

We ordered a smoothie bowl, avocado toast and banana bread and omg that banana bread! We need to take a moment to appreciate this banana bread! I spent a good few minutes talking about how great my own banana bread recipe is whilst waiting for my order to arrive, only to be completely schooled during my first bite. I cant even describe how good it was. Perfectly toasted with the most amazing caramel almond butter on top. Everything we ordered was great but as you can see I'm too caught up on the banana bread to even remember the proper names of the rest of our order.

That smoothie bowl though! Yes I did only order it so I could bask in its beauty not gonna lie, but it just so happened to taste great too. I couldn't eat it all but the staff happily popped it into a takeaway cup for me so I wouldn't have to throw any way. It felt like the hipster alternative of holding a starbs frapp to complete my outfit but this time I was waltzing around Mare Street with a colourful Palm Vaults smoothie instead. Personally I feel this is the way forward in my cup holding life.

One thing my business minded side loved was that Palm Vaults is a card only location. They don't take cash and as someone who hardly ever carries cash I loved this. A quick tap of your card and you're ready to go! I couldn't help but obsess over how ingenious this is. Never having to handle cash is like a business owners dream. Imagine never having to make sure there's enough change in the till?! I can't help but think back to my retail days where someone would have to sit in the cash room for ages handling the end of day money. They've completely eliminated this issue and I've already started lecturing my business owner friends on why they should make the switch to card only too.

Overall Palm Vaults is 1000% worth a visit. It's the most adorable place to catch up with friends and a great location for my fellow East London locals to walk over to instead of going somewhere more central. 2 other notable locations nearby are my current ramen obsession Tonkotsu which is across the road (get the Tokyo ramen and thank me later) and Les Nenettes which is a few minutes walk away near Hackney Baths. But if you're looking for a gram worthy location it has to be Palm Vaults.

P.S. Their Instagram is also as goals as you'd imagine it to be!

Until next time, J xx

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