I Competed On The Crystal Maze TV Show!

When I was younger I was obsessed with ridiculous game shows. Fort Boyard was a must watch, Takeshi's Castle was my go to show to binge watch into the AMs, but my absolute favourite was The Crystal Maze. 

Whats not to love? The themed zone designs, the amazingly sarcastic host and the high chance that someones going to embarrass themselves falling in the water. Plus lets not forget the brilliantly unflattering shots of people trying to grab tokens in the crystal dome. The prizes were always hilariously tragic no matter how well they did and everyone got a shiny crystal at the end. I wanted in more then anything.

Fast forward to adulthood and there I was, bored, nostalgic for my youth and aimlessly scrolling through facebook. Then I saw it. An advert looking for teams to compete in a new season of The Crystal Maze, and in that moment I knew I had to make my inner childs dreams come true. I picked my team, harassed them in a whatsapp group for 6 weeks straight until they finally sent me all their info and managed to send in our application with just a few hours before entries closed. A few days later whilst I wondered through Berlin my phone rang and it was the crystal frikin maze production team about to make my dreams come true.

Throughout the phone interviews, in person interviews and last minute team mate change I remained completely certain that we would get on this show. As ridiculous as this sounds I truly believe getting on this show was my destiny. Like Mulan defeating Shan Yu, it was simply meant to be. So when we got on I was not even slightly surprised but absolutely buzzing!

I WORE THE JUMPSUIT GUYS!! Yes I tried to steal it but the production team are far too ready for this kind of behaviour. 

I can't give much away because the show airs tonight but I just thought I should post about it in case anyone wanted to tune in. Also so in 10 years time when I'm flicking through my blog reminiscing I can be like omg yeah remember that time I went on the crystal maze!! Not that I'll ever forget but still.

I had two aims on the day, to have a tonne of fun and to finally get my hands on an official Crystal Maze crystal. Admittedly I could have had a bit more fun (that's a story for another day lol) but I am now the proud owner of a crystal maze crystal! Handed to me by none other then the legend himself, Richard Ayoade. Who by the way can I just say he is PERFECT for this role!

If I feel like I cant do something now I think of this situation. Whenever I brought this dream up to people they just laughed. The show doesn't exist anymore they said, your'e not the kind of person they would have on it they said. Yet here I am all these years later ticking 'compete on the crystal maze tv show' off my bucket list. Just proves that absolutely anything is possible in life. Even your favourite 90s show coming back from the dead and choosing you of all people to compete on it.

I will cherish my crystal forever, unless I completely embarrass myself on national TV, then I will only cherish is occasionally lol. Seriously I was so excited I don't think I stopped smiling at all and I'll probably look like a crazy person throughout. For this reason I will be watching from behind my blanket, ready to hide away in embarrassment at any given moment. Tune in tonight at 8pm on Channel 4 to catch it. Unfortunately I'm out when it airs but I'll be watching it as soon as I'm home. Feel free to pre warn me if I highly embarrass myself so I can drown my sorrows a little.

Moral of the story, dreams come true, even the most ridiculous of dreams.

Until next time, Jaydee xx.


  1. I love this post! I remember watching this a while back and thinking oh it's Jaydee! and being glued to the TV:) You guys did a great job! It really goes to show the power of speaking things to existence and not caring about those people that laugh at you aka the jealous haters. Here's to more dreams coming true!
    Mimi - thescenicmatrix.wordpress.com

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