This Sheet Mask Made My Skin Look And Feel Amazing

Can you believe that until recently I'd never tried a sheet mask? Crazy I know considering my love for face masks and bodycare products is so well documented on this blog. I've been meaning to try one but honestly didn't think sheet masks would compare with traditional cream masks... boy was I wrong!

The brand I've been testing out is MaskerAide, a Canadian Korean beauty brand who are also available in the UK. Firstly we need a shout out for their packaging, I love it! Being a part Korean brand I expect nothing less then super adorable packaging and they really delivered. Also I have a strong history of falling for Korean skincare products so this further explains why I'm so in love with their masks.

So far I've tried 2 of their sheet masks and their All Eyes On Me eye gels. The eye gels, honestly I didn't really get anything from them. Maybe after a few uses they will have more of an effect but my first impression is a bit meh. The sheet masks however are a whole different story, they're great!

The first one I tried was the Detox Diva mask and I'm not even kidding, this mask made my skin feel and look amazing! From the moment I took it off I could see a difference. Even in the 24 hours following I was still obsessed with the effect it had on my skin. It claims to 'helps to minimise pores, absorb impurities and protect from toxins and free-radicals without removing your skin’s essential natural oils.' and it delivered that and more. 

As an oily skinned girl who's face was in need of some TLC after a long week (I tend to mask on Friday nights as a treat for surviving the work week) this mask was everything I needed. My face genuinely looked better then it has after expensive spa facial treatments. I was so obsessed with my new found healthy detoxed glow that I even snapped a quick selfie in the gym to show you guys just how great my skin was looking the day after.

Seriously how fresh does my skin look?! You'd never believe I had a stressful work week. Please ignore my facial expression though, I was trying to be discreet as I took selfies in public lol.

The next one I tried was the Beauty Rest'ore mask. Admittedly I don't like this one as much as the Detox Diva mask, but it's still really good. That detox one is just next level though, it's bound to make everything else look a little less fabulous in it's presence. 

The Beauty Rest'ore mask is much more of a pamper night mask. The result is less fresh renewed skin and more pampered luxury plump skin. My skin was so soft and moisturised after but not oily which I loved. This mask will be my go to when I need a little luxury in my life while the Detox Diva mask will be for when I need to remove a negative week from my skin, or when my skins suffering the after effects of a boozy night.

Overall I would highly recommend these! I'm still yet to try the Pre Party Prep mask but judging by the other masks this ones bound to be another gooden. Plus I've seen a youtuber I trust try it out and he said he liked it. I'd really love to try more from their line and especially have my eye on their Tell Me Pout It hydrating lip masks, but those seem to only be available in the USA at the moment.

If you're in the need for a bit of pamper time defo check out MaskerAides line of products. They're available on Feel Unique and the convenience of simply taking the sheet off your face and throwing it in the bin after means there's no effort required at all. Perfect for those lazy nights in!

Until next time, J xx