A Face Scrub Your Skin Will Love And It's Perfect For The Transitional Season

Aloha beauties, welcome to my first post of October!

It's that awkward time of the year here in London where it's not too cold but also not warm enough to go without a coat. You end up being chilly until you're on a bus or train and then you'll be sweating like there's no tomorrow. My skin goes to crap at this time of year too. From a oily summer mess to a combination skin disaster which leaves some parts of my face dry and flaky, whilst other parts hold on to their oily nature for dear life. 

This is usually the time where I amp up my morning skincare routine and trial new moisturisers in an attempt to find the perfect balance. However this year I've accidentally stumbled across a product that is dare I say it, perfect. Strong words I know, but my skin is as calm as ever. Not a flake in site and not producing too much oil. 

It's also worth mentioning that before I started using this my skin had officially entered it's transitional season mode. The area between my brows was playing how fast can I flake and my cheeks and nose were becoming so oily I'm wondering if they were attempting to create their own highlighter. After switching my usual morning face scrub to this one I have literally watched these problems fade away and my skins cleared up too which is always a plus.

The product I'm raving about is Bean Body's Facial Scrub. A coffee and coconut based face scrub which also contains Almond and Jojoba Oils. It's cruelty free, vegan friendly, contains no parabens and to top it off smells like you could eat it. Between the smell and the instant improvements it makes to my skin this product has become the highlight of my morning shower.

I love an instant gratification product. Anything that insists you need to use it for weeks before you see a difference is a bit of a turn off for me tbh. I'm an impatient millennial OK I want things now lol. The first time I used this it gave me the Oooo and the Oooo is what I look for in all aspects of life. If it doesn't make you Oooo then it's not good enough. My skin felt instantly smoother and moisturized, soft to the touch and almost like I did a mini facial. This product claims to:

Harnessing the powers of finely ground Arabica Coffee Beans, the gentle face scrub buffs away dead, dull skin cells without abrasion, whilst a nourishing blend of Coconut, Almond and Jojoba Oils deliver intense moisture and hydration to maintain smooth, supple skin. Helps to minimise the appearance of age spots, eczema and blemishes and diminish puffiness around the eye area. Expect a cleansed, purified complexion with restored luminosity.

After a few weeks of using this I would say that explanation is spot on. My skin just seems to be lapping up the natural ingredients and genuinely gets better and better with each use. I've actually never seen my skin like this during the transitional season. It's so nice not having to try and hide my flaky patches in the morning before work because they no longer exist.

I feel like this product would work well with a lot of skin types, but if like me your skin is a bit confused at this time of year and gone combo this product is definitely worth a try. It's pricier then my usual daily scrubs but when a product really works I think it's worth paying extra for. I've been using mine quite generously and I'm still yet to run out, I think the housemates been having a play with it too. 

It's available from Look Fantastic online or if you feel like popping into a shop I'm pretty sure they stock Bean Body at Holland and Barrett. 

Until next time, J xx