The Cherry Blossom Candle Of My Dreams

I am a self confessed candle addict. That scene in Scream Queens where the candle vlogger girl is filming a video just before the killer gets her is basically a real life shot of me in my happy place. 

Fresh baked banana bread wafting through the house, that powdery new born baby smell. The sweet smell of the bathroom air after a bath bomb has worked it's magic, a man with great taste in cologne, need I say more? There is just nothing better then a beautiful scent.

One of my personal favourite smells is fresh flowers. Roses, gardenia and cherry blossom to name a few. Lanvin Eclat de Fleurs perfume perfectly captures that gorgeous fresh flower smell and I'm obsessively saving the last of my bottle for special occasions until I can find another. However in my hunt for a similar scent I stumbled across a candle that may be even better.

Urban Apothecary's Cherry Blossom candle is what candle dreams are made of. At £30 a pop I was expecting something good but it has genuinely surpassed my expectations in all the right ways. With some candles you get the occasional waft of the scent but this one is a full on perfume for your room and I am here for it.

Each time I stepped into my room it hit me with it's gorgeous sweet scent and for a second I thought this must be what it smells like to sit riverbank during Japans iconic cherry blossom season. Or maybe what it's like to be one of those gorgeous Russian instagram models who for some reason has been sent 100 fresh cut roses. Seriously what is with the Russian girls and all their flowers on Insta? I mean, yeah I kind of want to be them with their long hair and hundreds of boxed flowers but more importantly I need a back story to those pictures.

On top of being an impressive candle the packaging itself ticks all the right boxes. I already know a few friends who'd loved to add this to their aesthetically pleasing instagram feeds. Just imagine it now... a marble counter top with the perfect grey toned flat lay sprawled across it. A Vogue magazine strategically placed in the corner of the shot, such insta goals.

If you like me have a problem (#candleaddictsanonymous) or you're looking to treat a loved one to something nice I'd check out this brand. I've currently got my eye on Bay Berry and Velvet Peony. They are also available in diffusers but I've never actually tried a diffuser before so have no idea whether to recommend them or not. If I'm missing out by not being part of the diffuser party someone needs to let me know immediately!

P.S. you can just about fit a Yankee Candle Illuma-lid onto this candle which is fab because it keeps the wax level perfectly even when burning. It's not a perfect fit but it gets the job done :D

Until next time, J xx

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