50 Under £50 Valentines Date Outfit Ideas

Going out for Valentines Day and have no idea what to wear? Don't worry girl I got you.

This year I'm going to a gig so will be sweating my face off whilst wearing tour merch and jumping up and down for the whole evening. The night will probably end in McDonald's with a 20 chicken nugget box and I am more then OK with this. I'm actually really excited but its not the most glamorous of evenings, so this year I'm living my glam life through you guys!

My vibe for this collection is romance. Think feminine frills, flattering shapes, class but still sass and instagram ready #NewProfilePic looks. There's a lot of red but if you can't wear red on Valentines Day when can you??

Dresses start from £5.... I know right I can't deal with that either! It's the burgundy midi bandeau dress if you're wondering. Enjoy :)

Please be aware that 2-3 of these items are currently on special offer. If taken off of special offer they will rise above £50 a little.

Until next time, J xx


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