From Brows To Booty, My Current Beauty Wishlist

New year, new wishlist!

Even though I've just completed a huge makeup clear out on my Youtube channel I'm already lusting over new products. Half of these are replacements and skincare though, so my clear out wasn't completely in vain if I do indulge in a few bits which, don't judge me, I already have. Let me know if you've tried any of these before or if there's something else I just have to add to my list!


First off I currently have my eye on some Mario Badescu skincare. It's their eye creams that first caught my attention but the more research I do the more of their other products I want to try out.

I've been looking into eye creams for a while now and Mario B is a brand that constantly comes up as effective and affordable. The reviews on every site I've checked are all 4 to 5 stars and I've even had recommendations to try them from people I'm close to. The only thing that's stopping me is they have a few different types of eye cream available and I have no idea which one is most suitable for me.

Ideally I'm looking for something that will brighten my dark under eye circles and also act as an anti ageing product to decrease my fine lines. Luckily Mario B is stocked in Liberty London so I'm going to pop in soon and speak to a staff member to figure out which products are best for my skin type. I'm an oily girl in case you're wondering and as always I'll report back via blog post, watch this space!

Mario Badescu Eye Cream, From £15, available here


I'm always on the hunt for new brow products as I still haven't found my holy grail. I loved the Soap & Glory Archery 2 in 1 Pencil but was going through them like they grew on trees, and at £8.50 a pop I wanted something cheaper. I then moved on to the Maybelline Brow Precise Micro Pencil and liked it at first, until I realised it runs out just as quick as the S&G one. The pencil would also break whilst I was using it a lot too meaning I lost a lot of product. 

Currently I'm using the Maybelline Brow Satin Pencil but very rarely use the cushioned side. Because of this I've decided its time to find something new. I just want something affordable, easily available and with a decent colour range, am I really asking too much here?!

The pencil I want to try next is the Eylure x Fleur de Force Brow Define Pencil. It's double ended with two different shades which is perfect for me because I really want to go back to using two shades on my brows. It's a tip I picked up from the Kardashians (no shame, their faces are fireee!) where you apply two different shades to your brows to give them a more natural look. It definitely works and I love the finish. Fleurs taken the hassle out of buying two pencils by combining them into one and I cant wait to try it out!

Eylure x Fleur de Force Brow Define, £12, available here (currently on sale for £10.20!)


It's not everyday I miss a mascara but this ones been on my mind since I ran out ages ago. Maybelline Lash Sensational is one of my favourite mascaras ever and definitely queen of the drug store. Which is amazing because its only £8.99 and frequently on offer.

Its just as good as some of my high end favourites and the brush definitely plays a part in it's effectiveness. The curved silicone design is seriously the stuff of mascara wand dreams. Silicone mascara wands have always been my preference and work much better for me. The curved design fits my eyes perfectly as well making application super easy and I can actually get away with just one thick coat.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara, £8.99, available here


This will be a rebuy as I've been using it for ages now and love it. I was using the Revlon Clear Brow Gel before but the brush on it is too big and you get far less product. Plus it flakes off and looks a bit like dandruff sometimes which is not the look I'm going for.

Nyx Control Freak has a smaller brush making it easier to apply and is the perfect finishing touch to my brows. I use it everyday and it's also amazing at taming flyaways! Just brush a little onto your flyaways and style them however you like (even as simply as just smoothing them into place) and they stay put all day. This product is actually better for flyaways then any hair product specifically for flyaways I've ever used, and far cheaper too!

Nyx Control Freak Clear Brow Gel, £6, available here


My Nars creamy concealer is 95% gone and rather then rebuying I'm in the mood for something new. I rarely change concealer because there are so many crap ones out there, but after falling in love with AmazingCosmetics Concealer when I received a sample I decided it was time to step out of my concealer comfort zone.

I've heard amazing things about Tartes Shape Tape and Urban Decays Naked Skin concealers. UD Naked Skin has been recommended to me by multiple close friends though and considering it's easy to find an Urban Decay shop or counter in London I'm going to go for this one. Also I want a more natural finish for my everyday look and the Tarte one in my opinion looks a bit full on for my personal everyday preference.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, £19, available here (currently on sale for £17.10!)


I got rid of most of my old contour products in my clear out so it's time to replace them! My younger sister recently became a Charlotte Tilbury makeup artist (so proud!) and when I modeled for her interview she used their contour wand on me. It was instant love.

It's beautifully creamy and blends like a dream! This is all I ask for in my contour products, be a nice cool shade of dark brown and blend without issues. This shouldn't actually be on the wishlist because I've already ordered it, but it hasn't arrived yet so I'm adding it anyway. Look out for an upcoming Charlotte Tilbury post coming soon!

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand, £29, available here


They just looks so good! That creaminess, that pigmentation, that orange colour! If you watch my Youtube channel you've probably picked up on my never ending mission to find the perfect orange lip colour. I haven't found it yet but Fenty Beauty have one and its looking promising.

I'm a huge fan of the Fenty Gloss Bomb and honestly think it's one of the best lip glosses out there. Mine is forever in my bag, looks great with every makeup look and is the perfect addition to any lip combo too. It's packaging goals as well I mean come on, what more do you want? If the lipsticks are anywhere near as good as the gloss I'm going to have a slight Fenty addiction on my hands.

The Mattemoiselle colours I have my eye on are Spanked, Saw-C, Freckle Fiesta and Midnight Wasabi. All pictured above in the same order.

Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick, £16, available here


OK this is random I know but I really want one! I have cellulite on the back of my thighs and bum that I'd love to get rid of. I want nice smooth butt skin for summer bikini pics OK let me live. When you google how to get rid of cellulite there's a lot of crap online. Its so hard to find a decent review or believable before and after picture but I've seen quite a few glowing reviews of this contraption.

At over £100 all together (plus whatever customs charges I'll get seeing as I'll need to have it shipped over from America) it's not cheap, but what if it works?! I wouldn't mind paying that if it does but I need more evidence before I can justify that price for what is essentially some plastic pokey bits on a stick. I'm going to keep doing my research for now, but if any of you have any cellulite removal tips be sure to share them!

Ashley Black Fascia Blaster, $89, available here

Can you imagine if that Fascia Blaster actually worked?? That would make my life! I'm currently using a product from Champneys and haven't seen much of a difference which sucks. I need to see improvements if I'm expected to spend every morning and night massaging a slimy gel into my ass.

Let me know what you're lusting over. Also if you can advise me on any Mario Badescu products that would be amazing! My comment section here and twitter @JaydeeUpdates are always open so don't be shy :)

Until next time, J xx

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