The 10 Minute Hair Mask That Really Gives You A Salon Finish

Let's set the scene....

Me at 2am aimlessly browsing the internet. My hotline blings, it's one of my YouTube subscribers. She starts by pointing out it's 2am and she has no idea why she's up (same girl same) and then proceeds to inform me that Feel Unique are having a hair care sale right now. I head over and do what any sane person would do at this time... look through every damn page of the hair care sale of course. Because if you're not shopping for hair care at 2am are you even doing life right?

I'm scrolling, I'm reading, I'm scrolling, and then I see it...... Self. Heating. Hair. Mask... The sound of my bank details being added to the checkout echos into the distance and I finally fall asleep feeling fulfilled.

Fast forward two weeks (Feel Unique I am not impressed with that shipping time at all) and its finally here! The Redken Heatcure self heating hair mask. It only has 8 reviews on Feel Unique but they're all surprisingly positive so I just had to know. At £20 for 4 treatments these are not the cheapest option, but the minute I realised I spend more on bath bombs for one singular bath I got over the price. Also if it works then it's totally worth it!

OK Let's actually start the review now...

Redken describe this as a fortifying mask that delivers deep conditioning that's perfect for dry, damaged or colour treated hair. From what I gather this product is designed to be used between in salon Heatcure treatments but can also be used as a stand alone product. This means you don't have to have the original in salon treatment to enjoy the at home versions benefits. Surprisingly I've never heard of this treatment before but it turns out plenty of London salons offer it. You can find your nearest using the Find A Salon search on Redken's website here.

To use the mask you simply peel back the sticker on the side of the pack and allow the treatment to heat itself for 3-4 minutes. The mask really doesn't get that hot to be honest and once you squeeze it out it isn't much warmer then room temperature. Once the heating process is done you apply it to your hair for 5-10 minutes which is conveniently the length of a shower.

After much googling I'm yet to find out what the heating aspect of this mask actually does but I'm going to assume it activates the ingredients in some way.

My first impression was that I liked it. My hair felt soft and shiny, my ends had been nourished into a much better condition and overall I was pleased. It wasn't until the next day that I realised just how good this mask is. I lost count of the amount of compliments I received at work and most people asked if I had just had my hair done. I legit broke the internet office style with a single hair flip and if that's not a seal of product approval I don't know what is.

I use a lot of great hair care meaning any new product in my life is up against stiff competition, but Heatcure definitely held it's own. And even though I already own hair masks that I love not a single one of them does what this mask did in 10 minutes. TEN. MINUTES. I'm the kind of girl that leaves masks on for as long as possible or overnight to achieve these same results, but this mask only needed the duration of my shower.

The second time I tried it I left it on for a few hours and can confirm that it made no difference and 10 minutes is really all you need. For this reason I'm giving this 5 stars! It's the perfect mask for anyone who needs a quick fix in minimal time and let's face it that's 90% of us.

If you've tried any Redken products before let me know your faves! Admittedly I've never been that keen on the brand but after this mask I may have to check out what else they've got to offer.

Until next time, J xx


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