Cafe Miami May Just Become Your New Brunch Obsession

I can't believe I've been passing by this place for years and genuinely thought it was a closed down old cafe. If it wasn't for me stumbling across their instagram page and drooling over their food pics last week I wouldn't have found what is sure to be one of my 2018 brunch obsessions.

Cafe Miami is such a vibe. From the bright and airy interior to great music and food to match, it genuinely upsets me that I haven't stopped by sooner. They also achieved the impossible... they made me like rye bread! I'm still a little shocked. 

We arrived to an almost empty cafe at around 12:30 which was full 30 minutes after. The menu has a little for everyone, veggies and meat eaters alike, which I personally love because the surrounding area has become quite meat free recently. Great for vegans, veggies and everyone's health to be honest but not so great when you really fancy a bit of bacon.

I went for the Peanut Butter & Banana On Toast with Cinnamon Granola & Honey because I was craving a thick slice of white bread. As you can imagine I was a little surprised when it turned out to be rye (really shouldn't have been shocked, Hackney cafes love a bit of rye) but with one bite I was totally over it because it tasted great! I'm very tempted to recreate this at home.

My brunch buddy went for the Pancake Stack with Forest Fruits, Ribena Compote & Creme Fraiche which tasted just as good as it looks. Be warned, the compote is super sweet but the creme and pancakes offset it perfectly. I was very jealous after my taster bite and will probably go for pancakes next time too, or the waffles I saw on a table near ours which looked incredible!

Spotting Hot Ribena on the drinks menu as I ordered a Pink Lemonade was the final straw for me falling in love with this place. If you know you know! It's a classic fave of mine and I'll for sure be back on a cold morning for a Hot Ribena or Hot Chocolate. I spotted on their insta that they add mini marshmallows on top! If you haven't noticed by now this is my dream drinks menu.

Overall, Cafe Miami is suuuch a vibe and I highly recommend checking it out. It's only a 5 minutes walk away from Hackney Central station so super easy to get to plus its right on the 254, 253 and 106 bus route if you're coming over from North London. Check out the menu and all other details on their site

If you've been before let me know what you're favourite dish is! and if you haven't let me know you're favourite brunch spot so I can check it out next :)

Until next time, J xx


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