Music I'm Loving: House Vibes For Spring Time

I stepped out during my lunch break last week and for the first time this year felt the sun beating down on my face. Yes it was probably still around 13 degrees outside and yes it did rain the next day but I'll take it regardless, spring has sprung!! And with that tiny moment of heat the house music lover within me was awoken. 

Goodbye winter ballads and hellooo summer bops! These are the songs that have got me booking day parties left right and centre. It's mostly house because hello this is me, but there's also a few that lean towards other genres of dance music too, enjoy xx

Think About You (Olsen Remix) - Delta Goodrem & Olsen

All Good (Original Version) - Amy Miyu & Rochelle

House Party (Original Mix) - Ben Dragon & Russell Curry

Anna Wintour - Azealia Banks

Runaway - Karen Harding & Tom Ferry

Tempted (Radio Edit) - Damon Hess, Deep Matter & Lydia Lucy

One Kiss - Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa

NSFW - Cheat Codes & Danny Quest

Sweet Sensation - Flo Rida

My My My! (Throttle Remix) - Troye Sivan & Throttle

Gangsta Girl - Fingazz

Body - Loud Luxury & Brando
Body (Dirtcaps Remix) - Loud Luxury, Brando & Dirtcaps
I just can't decide if I like the original or remix more so I'm giving you both.

Until next time, J xx


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