My Weekend In Photos: Sunshine & Park Time

In typical London weather fashion we went from shivering cold temperatures to blazing hot sunshine in the space of a week. So I did what any true Londoner does when the sun comes out... I went to the park! Yes, really, all weekend long lol no regrets.

Saturday consisted of a tasty brunch at Cafe Miami followed by a trip to Victoria Park. Between the two I managed to fit in a quick shopping spree and picked up a few bits from Burberry as a present to myself for getting a new job. I'll be showing you these in an upcoming blog post as well as detailing exactly how much I saved at the outlet store. 

Victoria Park was packed with sun seekers armed with mini barbecues and enough cider to stock a festival. I'm not really into tanning (although I did fall asleep in the sun for a bit, does that count?) so headed straight to the ice cream truck and then to the boat lake.

Afterwards I went home, ordered takeout and watched cult documentaries because that's exactly how I like to spend most of my nights. Not even kidding, cult documentaries are my jam! If you know any good ones comment them down below. My current obsessions are Wild Wild Country on Netflix and keeping up with all the NXIVM developments currently going on. I just find it all so fascinating and am slightly obsessed with comparing the similarities and differences between them.

Sunday started with a killer lay in before I headed to Kensington to go to a roller skate shop. Shockingly I couldn't find a good one in East London so headed to Slick Willies because it had been recommended by a friend. The skates were a present for a friends birthday and we headed straight to Hyde Park after so they could break them in.

I spent most of my afternoon sprawled on a bench reading articles in the sun and watching the world go by. I never visit this side of Hyde Park so it felt kind of new and was nice to look around. I grabbed another ice cream because why the hell not and contemplated stealing one of the many cute dogs running around.

The temperature dropped at around 6 so instead of eating out I headed back home eager to watch Westworld. Turns out I got the premiere date wrong and had another day to wait so I caught up on Brooklyn 99 instead

Enjoy the pics! Now the weathers warmed up again I'll get back to doing these regularly :)



Until next time, J xx


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