Exactly How Much Money I Saved At The London Burberry Outlet

Because who doesn't want to know exactly how much discount outlets are offering?!

I decided to treat myself because earlier this year I set some big goals and I've already smashed them. I'm really proud of myself and if you can't treat yourself, how in the hell you gonna treat somebody else? Can I get an amennnnn!

I've known of this outlet for years and from personal experience know it can be a bit hit or miss. The best bargains are always shoe's which I've seen for up to 90% off. I saw the best couture runway boots once down from £1550 to £155, unfortunately they weren't my size. Sometimes the discounts are only 10%-20% though so there really is a bit of luck involved.

Original price: £375
Sale price: £262
Amount discounted: £113
Percentage off: 30%

The first thing I got was this clutch bag that also works as a crossbody because of its detachable strap. The vibe of this bag reminds me of that Louis Vuitton pouch bag that every instagram model has, but this one is quite a bit smaller. The size is perfect for me because I love my bags mini sized.

For me the Burberry check is a classic British staple that I will always love, making this bag a great investment because I know I'll use it forever. Plus this is actually my first clutch bag and I look forward to using it to walk into the room purse first. If you know you know :D

This bag was also available in brown as those of you who follow me on insta (@Jaymfs) would have seen on my story last weekend. After a vote 65% of you preferred the red, myself included. I think it makes it a touch more modern which I love.

Original price: £195
Sale price: £122
Amount discounted: £73
Percentage off: 37%

I've been on the hunt for a card holder as I'm one of those people who never carries cash. I've had my eye on the standard YSL one for a while now but it's a bit too simple for my liking. This one is more like a mini purse and holds a surprising amount of cards, spare contact lenses and a few other bits. Plus it was almost 40% off which definitely helped with my decision making.  

PRO SHOPPING TIP... In the store there are presentation drawers that hold all the purses. Be sure to open these all the way and have a look right to the back for bargain goodies! I've found some great things hiding at the back of these drawers. I don't know if they're being hidden by staff or shoppers but either way they're not fooling me.

The Burberry London outlet is in a surprisingly central location and really easy to get to. It's a short walk from Hackney Central Station which is minutes away from Highbury and Islington or Stratford on the overground. It's also a ten minute bus away from Bethnal Green Station which is on the Central line. 

It's part of Hackney Walk which I believe is Londons only centrally located outlet area. There's a huge Nike outlet which I've scored some great bargains from as well and many other shops which are listed here.

If you're an outlet shopper let me know your favourite ones to visit. I'd also love to know the best bargain you've scored!

Until next time, J xx


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