My Favourite Place To Brunch In London

Another summer is almost over and I still haven't told you about my favourite brunch spot. Partly because I don't want you filling up the al fresco seating lol, but mostly because choosing one brunch spot to rule them all is quite a big statement! But after years of consistently great brunches and never letting me down, I think it's safe to say this place is my fave.

Les Nenettes are based in Hackney Central just off the end of Mare Street and opposite St Johns Church. Their park side location is absolutely perfect in the summer and if you sit outside (and pay no attention to the red buses driving by) it's easy to forget you're not in Paris having an al fresco moment before heading over to the louvre.

My dish of choice has always been the croque monsieur, which for those of you who don't know is basically an incredible ham and cheese sandwich. It's a french staple but I really think the British need to steal this from them! When I'm having tummy issues, which is far too often these days, I downgrade to the 2 eggs and croque monsieur soldiers to pretend I'm healthier then I am. It's just as good of a dish but far less heavy. It's also worth mentioning that my favourite brunch buddy is obsessed with their eggs benedict and says it's the best they've ever had.

If you go you HAVE to try the black cherry gateau! This cake just screams home made recipe that's been passed down through generations and I quickly went from sharing with whoever I'm brunching with to firmly suggesting they order their own because they wont be touching mine. If you're more of a chocolate lover go for the black and white chocolate mousse which is also great.

I love the coffee here too which is a huge statement because I'm really not a coffee girl. It usually makes me feel unwell but the cappuccinos and espresso martinis are to die for and I can't get enough.

Shockingly I've never strayed away from their breakfast menu to try any of their evening/main meals. After a quick google search and seeing tonnes of positive reviews though I'm going to assume they're just as good. To check out their full menu visit It's in written in french but if you're using chrome you can easily translate the page to English if needed.

Let me know where your favourite brunch spot in London is! Next on my hit list is Christopher's in Covent Garden. Their french toast looks absolutely incredible and I have to know for myself if it's as good as it looks!

Until next time, J xx

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