Term Time Wardrobe Lookbook ft Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing and I teamed up to create a lookbook inspired by those of you heading back to Uni/College this month. I've gone for comfortable and affordable looks because those were my clothing priorities when I was studying and hope you love them. Let me know your favourite with a comment below <3

Also yes, I have just downloaded the HUJI app and as you can see I'm absolutely loving it! Do not be surprised if my blog starts looking like the entire thing was shot on a 90's disposable camera for a while lol. HUJI and Afterlight have become my favourite editing apps but I'm tempted to switch over to Adobe Lightroom. If anyones tried it let me know what you think. 

Until then, enjoy the looks and be sure to check out the entire Student Style Shop when you're done https://www.prettylittlething.com/shop-by/student-style.html x

The 'I just rolled out of bed and grabbed this tracksuit' look

I love this fun take on a tracksuit with a cropped sweatshirt and high waisted culotte track pants. It's one of the most comfortable outfits I've worn this year and I even had shop assistants complementing it whilst I was at a checkout. Unlike other cropped jumpers I've tried this one is actually that fluffy sweatshirt material inside and I'm already looking at it in other colours.

The 'It's actually a onesie but I can get away with wearing it to class' look

I was really unsure about this onesie when I chose it because it's one of those pieces that has the potential to look awful, but I ended up really liking it. The fit is flattering and being a onesie it's super comfortable. A tad awkward when you go the the toilet but we all know the deal when it comes to all in one outfits by now.

The 'I joined the campus gym even though I know I'll only go once this year' look

My go to gym attire = high waist anything with cropped anything, it's my vibe. This navy cropped jumper gives me yeezy vibes and it's lightweight enough to be worn to the gym now the weathers cooling down. I'll be wearing this to dance because for some reason wearing a long sleeve always looks better in dance vids. If you're a fellow dancer please let me know in the comments if you agree! Wondering if it's just me that thinks this.

The 'They told us to look smart so I wore pants' look

I feel like you always need a pair of smart pants to hand. You never know when a smart dress code or job interview might pop up. These are great because they can be dressed down too or even with a cute top and heels for a night out. The bodysuit is a classic item really, you can team it with anything. It's a thong fit so no lines and thick enough for me to wear without a bra. 

The 'I didn't quite make it to my lecture today' look

A classic working from home look lol. I'll admit I'm not the keenest on jumper dresses but the colour of this one got me. It's not fluffy sweater material inside so doesn't overheat but it's a thick enough material for me to feel snug in. It's huge though! I'm wearing a 6 as I sized down but I could easily go down another size or two and it'll still be oversized.

P.S. Twinkies are absolutely disgusting btw. Please do not spot them in the corner of that pic and be inspired to buy any. I feel like every American movie that's bigged them up has lied to me because I couldn't get past one bite.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Let me know what your favourite look is and also if you liked this! Fashion blogger modelling is really not my thing to be honest, I just feel so awkward and cringe being a model. Crazy considering I'll happily youtube but modelling is so different. I have always felt like I missed that phase in life where everyone learnt to pose because it takes me 100 photos to get 1 good one. 99% of the time I'm serving awkward body angle realness lol and it ain't cute. But I'm trying to grow in that area and improve my confidence when it comes to striking a pose so big thanks to Pretty Little Thing for reaching out and giving me the opportunity and occasion to do so. 

Until next time, J xx


  1. "Look Smart" is my fave. ❤️

    Xx | http://www.theactivespirit.com/

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