The Best Affordable Sulphate Free Shampoos & Conditioners

I've been using sulphate free* shampoos and conditioners for years now. They're so much better for your hair and every time I have to use a non sulphate free one I can instantly feel the difference. Also as someone who Brazilian blow dries their hair I need sulphate free options to make the treatment last longer.

At this point I truly believe I've tried the majority of the options available in the UK and below are my personal favourites. The best bit is they are all affordable! Which wasn't planned because I do love a bit of high end hair care, but nothing expensive compared to these. They're listed in no particular order but I will be pointing out which ones I favour and why. Enjoy!

*It's worth mentioning that not all of these are 100% sulphate free because brands are proper sneaky with their wording and ingredients. If I was to be factually correct I would refer to them as reduced sulphate products, but either way they are still far better for you hair.


This is my number one, original gangster, MUST try shampoo and conditioner for girls with really dry, frizzy & unmanageable hair! At £5.99 a bottle (and it's usually on offer for less) it's an absolute steal and I cannot understand how more bloggers haven't mentioned this. To be honest though I feel like good hair advice is really lacking in the blog world, or I'm just following all the wrong people.

It's a rich moisturising formula that you could easily tell me is from a designer haircare brand and when my hair needs that extra bit of loving this is always what I return to.


I discovered these a while ago whilst wondering through the Superdrug hair aisle. I'd never heard of Noughty before but was intrigued after seeing their products are free from so much the bad stuff. I picked up the To The Rescue shampoo and conditioner and ended up re buying them for 6 months straight.

This one is good for those of you who need moisturising products but nothing overly heavy if you know what I mean? Products that are too rich for your hair can weigh it down and make it greasy but this one is a nice moderate amount of moisture and in my opinion it would be suitable for most hair types.


I actually first tried this because they sent it to me when I was a youtuber for free. I ended up re buying it multiple times which says it all really. My one qualm with this though is that is it so so lightweight, almost too lightweight for me. It leaves my hair super clean and fresh but I need a richer product to add a little weight to my hair and stop it flying around. 

For that reason this would be perfect for more caucasian hair types. I literally don't know how to explain this without bringing race into it apologies, but it's true. The L'oreal one I mentioned earlier is so rich it would probably be too much for caucasian/ thinner/ lighter hair and cause it to grease up and weigh down. This would be so much better for those hair types because it does moisturise but it also really lives up to it's lightweight name and isn't heavy at all.


This is a new one I'm trying but I knew from the first use it was a gooden. You can literally feel the coconut oil moisturising goodness as you massage it in. My housemate describes the shampoo as a shampoo and conditioner all in one and I completely agree. They've fallen in love with it and although I've never tried the conditioner (I'm still using up a bottle of In The Rescue) I can only imagine it's just as good given how moisturising the shampoo is.

It also has the lush coconut scent we've all come to expect from Palmer's products which is great! Also at £3.99 it's an absolute bargain. I keep mistaking it for their coco butter moisturiser though and have almost used it as a cream multiple times lol.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

These four are all I've used over the past few years. Every time I'm forced to use a hotel mini shampoo I miss them all so much and I guarantee your hair will be in better conditioner and more manageable if you switch over to one of these.

Everyone has a billion products for their skin but ignores their hair it's mad. Would you do a full face of makeup with a good primer/base? No you wouldn't! So what makes your hair any different? Shampoo and conditioner is your primer/base, never forget that.

Until next time, J xx


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