An Honest Zoella So Soft Lip Oil Review - Basic Or Worth It?

A little disclaimer before we start...

I always giggle a bit when I have to write 'an honest' in any post title because all my posts are honest, but some just need that extra bit of clarification. 

Whether it's because the brand has sponsored more bloggers then any of us knew existed (cough Olay* cough) or they are known for giving away products for free and compensating those who help sell them. There are so many reasons why peoples opinion on a product can be swayed by bias, but in my opinion the number one reason is because the brand is owned by a popular blogger / youtuber / instagramer / insert social media star here. 

I cant necessarily blame people, obviously you're going to naturally like things more if they are made by (or even just associated with) someone you love. However just know that when I say 'an honest' I'm simply clarifying that you will find none of the usual bias here. If anything I approach blogger products a bit harsher because there's no reason these people shouldn't know better when a large part of their job is testing out products, just saying.

*for the record... those Olay 5 in 1 cleansing wipes really are great! I've been using them for years now and love them for travel lol.

Now for the review!

The Zoella So Soft Lip Oil is the ONLY Zoella product that has caught my eye over the past few years. I tried quite a few when the line first came out but was never impressed and if I'm going to be completely honest I just got tired of everyone pretending the line is anything more then basic. I thought I'd leave it and come back a few ranges later to see if anything had improved.

I picked this up from Superdrug for £5 which is actually really good and my first impression wasn't that bad! The shine on this is lush if you're into glossy wet look lips and it creates a surprisingly sexy look. The applicator is a lovely surprise too. It's a doe foot applicator with a hole in the middle (I believe these are called reservoir tips) that picks up enough product to cover your lips in one go. The rest of the packaging however.... needs a new paragraph. 

The packaging is pretty tragic and I've even seen this mentioned in some clearly biased reviews, which says a lot because you know they didn't want to admit it. Millennial pink with a palm leaf cap, it's hardly iconic and the quality is so low. I asked around the office where people thought this might be from based purely on the packaging quality and their answers included free with a kids magazine, supermarket own brand line and primark. In primarks defence though their packaging is far better. 

Yes it is only £5 but I don't think that's a good enough excuse. It's very lightweight and cheap feeling, the stickers (all the detail is stickers, not printed on the tube) started peeling off mine within days and the cap of mine is already broken as seen below.

Also it's worth mentioning that this leaks. It leaked on my macbook and I can no longer trust it in my bag. So I took it out and left it on the windowsill where it also leaked even though I made sure to screw it up tightly.

The product itself in my opinion doesn't really do anything other then temporarily sooth your lips. It's one of those lip products that feels great when it's on but leaves your lips in the same (if not worse) condition as before once it wears off. It also wears off quite quickly so you need to reapply often. But you get 8ml in the tube which is actually really good! Most Nyx Cosmetics lip products have half of that in. 

The smell is my kind of smell, a sweet and juvenile cherry like scent. Definitely not for everyones taste, but personally I love it. The product as a whole seriously reminds me of those roller ball lip glosses I used to get when I was younger. Does anyone remember these?! I LOVED them and this lip oil gives me serious nostalgia. I do remember those roller ball ones having better quality packaging though so if I had to choose I'd go for one of those.

Overall this product just isn't for me. I'm a packaging fiend so obviously I'm not going to be keen on this, but even if I ignore the packaging the product itself just doesn't deliver. You have a great moment of high shine glossy realness and super soft feeling lips when you first apply it, but other then that initial moment of satisfaction this does nothing and I can't see myself buying it again.

A shame because I want to be on board when a blogger or youtuber releases products but like I said earlier, I just cant understand how people who try so many products for a living can stand behind releasing sub par ranges.

If you guys know any good lip oils I have to give a try let me know! 

Until next time, J xx


  1. Crazy how packaging can make or break the whole product. Great review! (Even though I've never heard of Zoella).

    1. It really can! Especially when it's literally falling apart lol. Surprised you haven't heard of Zoella, she's huge here for her youtube channel x

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