Midis & Metallics with Femme Luxe

So Femme Luxe reached out to see if I'd like to try any of their clothing. For months I said no because honestly, I wasn't expecting much. But when I finally said yes my view on the brand completely changed! And when I say I love these pieces I think that may still be an understatement.

Never in my life have I liked tight fitting midi dresses. They're the type of clothing that looks amazing on everyone else but never looks right on me. The fit is always uncomfortable and I can never walk properly in them, but these two midi dresses have changed the game!

The fabric is soft and super stretchy. The dresses are both double layered too making my body shape look smoother and nothing at all shows through. This may be one of the only white dresses I've ever worn that doesn't show my nips LOL. Can you believe I'm not even wearing a bra in the photos? Someone invite me to a white party immediately I'm ready.

The fabric is beyond comfortable and although neither dress has a zip they're still really easy to put on. They stay put exactly where they are (no falling down or rolling up!) and because the fabric is so good you can easily fold them under into mini dress length and they still look great.

You could easily tell me both of these are from a far more expensive brands and from now on if I ever need a midi dress Femme Luxe is the first site I'm going to. Both are currently on sale for under £20 too which is an incredible price for such good dresses.

I also chose two metallic pieces because you can never have enough tops for 'jeans and a nice top' looks. I again wasn't expecting much from either, but now I'm itching for a night out so I can wear them!

The green top does come up a bit big and I could have sized down. But a quick change into a padded bra and I can easily fill it out lol. The berry colour top is actually a bodysuit and it instantly became one of my favourite bodysuits I own. 

As a tall girl I struggle with bodysuits, but this one is the perfect length and doesn't cut into my upper leg area at all. The bust area is boned so the deep V holds in place. Even with my small boobs I don't have to worry about it gaping forward and can once again go braless. Honestly clothing that allows me that freedom without fear is a win.

Overall I'm over the moon with this order and can't stop telling my friends. Every single piece looked exactly like the photo online too which is always a nice surprise!

Let me know your favourite online shops (especially for midi dresses as I'm a fan now haha) and I've added links below so you can find the above:

Until next time, J xx

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