Battle of the Soap & Glory Body Scrubs

London, UK

My all-time favourite body scrub is Breakfast Scrub by Soap & Glory. From its great consistency to its amazing smell, it ticks all the boxes. So when I did a boots order recently and noticed that other S&G scrubs have better reviews I was shocked! Could they really be better than my holy grail? There was only one way to find out... I had to test them all side by side. Shout out to the boots special offer that made this an affordable experiment haha


SUGAR CRUSH - the one for lime lovers

Let's start with the most popular one. So many people have recommended this to me and I knew from the second I opened it that it was because of the scent. The lime smells amazing and it's the closest thing I've smelt to a mojito style cocktail in months, thanks lockdown. I had really high hopes, but this is definitely my least favourite. Of all three it has the runniest consistency, the least scrub power and if it wasn't for the scent I wouldn't rate it much. Such a shame! But if you're into citrus scents you will love this, and it's a great smell to wake up to.

FLAKE AWAY - the one for moisture lovers

I definitely prefer this to the lime one, but it's still not doing it for me in the scrub power department. One department it does win in though is the moisturising one. Of all three I found this one the most moisturising, so if you have dry skin you'll love it. It also smells divine! This is exactly the scent I would associate classic Soap & Glory products with and of all three this one's scent holds on my skin the longest. I think some of the scrubby bits in this are too big though. They are not small enough to do much for me, but remember, my scrub standards are high! For the average person this will probably be fine.

BREAKFAST SCRUB - the one for exfoliation lovers

As expected Breakfast Scrub is the absolute king of Soap & Glory scrubs and I will not be told otherwise. It is the PERFECT consistency to give you a powerful scrub that gives instant results. It stays on the skin whilst you're rubbing it in (rather than slipping off after a few rubs) and smells absolutely fantastic. It literally makes me hungry every time I open it because the smell is that good. The thicker consistency means you use less product, and while the other two scrubs are almost empty after this experiment this tub is still going strong. 

So overall, another day has gone by and I still haven't found a better body scrub than Breakfast Scrub. I'm open to suggestions though so comment your favourite below!

All are available at boots in the UK (click here) and Ulta in the US (click here)

Until next time, J xx

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