I Watched Sex And The City Season 1 in 2021 - Here's My Thoughts

London, UK

Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall in 'Sex and the City' © Alamy

It's 2021 and I have never watched Sex And The City... I have never watched Friends either, but that's a story for another day.

Somehow I have completely avoided this show, it just never appealed to me. But in the depths of my lockdown boredom (and because I've watched everything on Netflix) I decided it was time to give it a go. Long story short, I loved every second and I can't believe I've spent all this time ignoring it when I could have joined the gang of people who frequently rewatch! In the spirit of Carrie the columnist I took a few notes as I made my way through the season, and here they are in the order I wrote them in.

I kind of want all of the outfits

I'm calling it now, these are the looks that are about to come back in! I love watching old shows for fashion inspiration, especially as we are currently going through a major 90's and 2000's fashion moment in 2021. I found myself pausing frequently to get a quick photo of outfits, including those of the dreaded NYC models, sorry Carrie but I love them. After I watch this season I'm going to work my way through The Nanny (Fran Drescher is QUEEN) and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air solely for looks to add to my Pinterest boards.

Mr Big would get it

Ok ok I get it now, I'm team Mr Big. I'm into it. He has vibes and I want him and Carrie to be end game... but also, see my last thought lol

I'm so glad I'm watching this in my 30s

This is just so relevant to where I am in life right now! I'm really glad I waited to watch this because there's so much I can relate to now that I wouldn't have been able to relate to 10 years ago. I'm heavily invested in all the topics that come up and have been in so many of the same situations. Also, there's so much inspiration I can take from this show for my own life and I'm finding it so inspiring.

Should I just blog like Carrie?

I won't lie, I've felt stagnant when it comes to blogging for years now. Don't get me wrong I love a product review, but I don't want my blog to only be reviews. This year-long lockdown we've experienced also hasn't helped as ALBOE is a London and lifestyle blog and I haven't been able to enjoy either. Watching Carrie run with so many topics and take inspiration from everything around her for her column has really inspired me. I've loved watching her work and it's really lit a fire under me to create more content for this site. As soon as lockdown ends I can't wait to be running around London Carrie style and sharing it all with you! This is what ALBOE is truly meant to be and who knew all I needed to do was watch SATC to get my mojo back?

Brunch Lunch and Dinner is about to get fancy

Chloe Malle, Hailey Gates, Jen Brill, Sarah Hoover, and Zosia Mamet at a Chanel dinner.BY BILLY FARRELL/BFA.COM
In the past I've saved the best places for date nights, but moving forward I'll be saving them for the girls. I've already warned my close friends that Pret a Manger is dead to me. There will be no more catching up over coffee, we're all catching up at the hottest new restaurants in town now. Launch parties, new rooftop bars and pop-up events get ready, I'm coming for you all. Spending the last year indoors has made me realize I need to experience London for everything it has, so I plan on going full SATC London edition once everything reopens. 

Is Carrie really the main character when Samantha is right there?!

Ok yes, I know Carrie is the main character... but Samantha is an icon! Carrie may be the princess but Samantha is my queen. Charlotte is stunning (omg so pretty!) with such girl next door vibes and Miranda is strong independent career woman goals. Dare I say it but, Carrie is my least favourite character so far. Don't get me wrong I still like her, but wow what a strong set of women characters! I love it.

Am I really going to have to watch Mr Big be a fuckboy for 6 seasons and 2 movies?!

Even before I gave season 1 a watch I knew about Carrie and Big. Anyone with internet access (or even just magazine access) knows they are THE on-again-off-again couple and I'm not even sure if they're together now in 2021? Season 1 gave me strong 'Big is a fuckboy' vibes but I must say, I've started season 2 already and now I'm side-eyeing Carrie a lot. But regardless of who the problem is, does this really go on and on for 6 seasons?! I'm already over it, just get married, you're clearly end game

Overall I loved the season. I related so much and it honestly lifted my spirits and inspired me to see 4 strong 30 something women living their best city lives. Passing 30 as a woman is weird because although I see no difference in myself the world seems to think I've died? There are so many strong opinions on what 30+ women should be doing, saying, wearing, and sharing. It was so nice to escape that and step into a world where 30+ women are absolutely thriving and are single & fabulous! Exclamation mark intended, if you know you know.

Until next time, J xx

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