Best Japanese Designer Bag Resellers on Ebay

best japanese designer bag resellers on ebay japan prices and review

After falling down a rabbit hole of TikTok videos about the Japanese designer bag resellers on eBay, I had to take a look for myself! Here I've accumulated a list of Japan based designer bag reseller eBay shops that are currently active and selling bags at incredible and affordable prices. These sellers also sell small leather goods, accessories, and sometimes even clothing too. Make sure you bookmark this page and check back frequently as I'll be updating this post often! Also comment any of your favourite eBay shops that I may have missed so I can add them to the list.

You may be wondering...why Japan based resellers?
In Japan it's illegal to sell fake designer goods and eBay sellers require a license to sell luxury goods on the site. This means a lot of the work is done for you in terms of figuring out if a product is genuine or not, and another bonus is many sellers even offer free worldwide shipping! I absolutely recommend still having bags authenticated if you have any doubts though, and you can also check the reviews of the shops you are buying from. Every shop mentioned below has great reviews.

Things to look out for
Make sure you check all the photos and read the description of each item so you know everything about its condition. There are bags of all different quality levels in these shops, so you need to pay attention. If you have any questions or need more photos contact the seller. It's also worth checking multiple stores for the same items as you may find a better price!

In no particular order here are my top shops!

bags sold by energy-japan japanese designer bag ebay reseller japan

Examples of previous items they've sold and the prices

hermes louis vuitton chanel saint laurent ysl gucci bags japanese ebay japan designer reseller

They have an abundance of small leather goods and items are listed as auctions. Meaning you can get lucky and score bags at incredibly low prices!

bags sold by boom2hanten japanese designer bags reseller on ebay chanel hermes prada

Examples of previous items they've sold and the prices

bags sold by boom2hanten dior chanel prada gucci hermes

They have auctions that start at low prices and buy it now offerings for more exclusive bags, like Hermes Kelly and rare Chanel bags.

designer bags sold by brand-jfa japanese designer bag vintage reseller japan chanel hermes louis vuitton

Examples of previous items they've sold and the prices

designer bags vintage reseller dior lady hermes louis vuitton burberry fendi

They have a large range of bags at all prices and also a great selection of clothes and shoes.

atlantis-tokyo designer bag reseller shop ebay japan

Examples of previous items they've sold and the prices

chanel hermes fendi prada bags sale price value japan japanese ebay reseller

They even have a great selection of jewelry and many high price coveted items. 

japan ebay japanese designer bag reseller brand street tokyo affordable designer items store

Examples of previous items they've sold and the prices

brand street tokyo designer for sale bags clothes multi buy ebay store

This store even lets you buy items in multi-packs. So you could get 2-3 bags for the price of 1!

brand off tokyo vintage designer bag clothes reseller japan store

Examples of previous items they've sold and the prices

off white gucci burberry prada chanel louis vuitton bag for sale vintage japan reseller prices

They currently have an amazing selection of Louis Vuitton and other brands rare pieces. They also have watches too.


I hope this post helps you score the designer bags of your dreams at a price you love.

Until next time, J xx

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