How To Use a Skin Spatula For Blackhead Extraction and Skin Firming

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how to use a skin spatula ultrasonic skin scrubber amazon gugug review

I am a sucker for a random skincare tool, so when I received this as a gift from my sister I was overjoyed. I'd seen skin spatulas online for a while, and today I'm going to run you through the basics of what they are, the benefits, and how to use them.

What is a Skin Spatula?
Also known as an ultrasonic skin scrubber, skin spatulas use high frequency to collect dirt and oil from your pores. They are also able to gently exfoliate your skin and take off the dead skin cells and dirt that's been drawn out. Their benefits include:

- Skin exfoliation
- They improve skin tone and texture
- Deep skin cleansing
- They are a gentle form of exfoliation

Another use for the skin spatula I'm using (available HERE) is it has ion+, ion-, and a skin firming mode. 

The skin-firming option uses vibration to lift and tone your skin. The ion+ mode is used to enhance the cleaning effect and draw more dirt and oil out of your skin. The ion- mode uses a different frequency to push more product into your skin. This is great to use with facial oils and other treatments that you would like to penetrate your skin even more.

I have a full video tutorial on how I use this product at the bottom of this page, but below I'll run you through the basics:

The skin spatula I am using is by Gugug (available HERE)

how to use a skin spatula

It has four options which are cleaning, lifting, ion+ and ion-. Cleaning mode is self-explanatory, but it is also used for exfoliation. You want to lubricate your face in some way before using this mode, ideally with a cleanser or alternatively, you can use water. When using this mode you want the spatula to be in the angle shown below.

how to use a ultrasonic skin scrubber

Ion+ is the deep extraction mode. This is what you use when you want to get all the oils, dirt and blackheads/whiteheads out of your skin. When using this mode you need something to lubricate the skin. You can use a blackhead extraction cream/oil/spray or alternatively you can use water. I use steam from my facial steamer. For this mode (and all modes other then the cleaning mode) you need to flip the spatula around the other way. See the video at the bottom of this page for a demonstration.

blackhead extraction using a skin spatula

Ion- mode helps products go deeper into your skin. You can use this after applying your favourite serum to enhance its effect, or like me, you can use it after a sheet mask to help the leftover mask serum penetrate your skin more. Run the spatula across your skin, starting from the center of your face and working your way out.

how to firm face using a skin spatula ultrasonic skin scrubber

Lifting mode is for firming and tightening the skin. You can use a firming or anti-aging oil/cream with this to enhance the effect and lubricate the skin. Alternatively, you can use water if you have nothing else. Your skin just needs something to help the spatula glide across easily.

For a full step by step guide on how I use my skin spatula / ultrasonic skin scrubber as part of my at-home facial routine watch the video below:

I hope this helps any of you who have been keen to try this device! Until next time, J xx


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